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Welcome to Irish Bangla FM

Our Story

Irish Bangla FM is a not-for-profit Dublin Ireland based Bangladeshi radio station online . This is the only and very first Bangladeshi community radio station in Ireland .

The radio station founded by Yousuf a Bangladeshi Music composer / Writer / Vocalist at Bajjna

After he was graduated from DIU in Computer Engineering Yousuf moved to Ireland back in 2004 . He also had a big passion in music and writing poetry but he was not allowed to pursue that path because of traditional Deshi parents always wants their children to become a doctor or an engineer.

Since he was away from his family then he got a bit of personal freedom in Ireland and started his music journey back then in 2006. He studied sound engineering in 2009 at The Academy of sound in Dublin to take his music career to next level. He produced his first Bangla musical album in 2009 and the second album in 2012.

2013 Yousuf visited some African countries and fall in love with Reggae Music. When he got back to Dublin from that trip, He started digging in to more reggae and writing reggae music . He made a reggae band back then called Bajjna until at present . Doing reggae he did not give up on Bangla music though ! He still can rock Bangla/Reggae music on any Bangla or Reggae stage with his Irish born and breaded band members.

Behind the scenes he was working on launching a Bangladeshi radio and here it comes Irish Bangla FM !

Hope our Bangladeshi community living in Ireland and elsewhere enjoy listening to this Irish Bangla FM to keep the Bangladeshi vibes going.

With Love and Respect


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