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Frequently Asked Question

Q1: “Site can’t be reached error” what do I do ?


  1. Your internet maybe very slow or interrupting –  Check your internet connection .
  • Go to your Google Chrome Settings and unblock pop up blocker
  • Check with someone who is expert on tech

Q2. Is there any alternative way or to stream your radio ?

Answer : Yes

  1. Visit
  2. Type “Irish Bangla FM” on google search – You will see the 1st link

Irish Bangla FM | Live Radio – Just click on the link

click on the link


Is there any Irish Bangla FM Android mobile App for us to download on our phone ?

Answer :

We are working on it so please keep an eye on our Website or Facebook page for all new updates

Q4: What is your Facebook ID ?

Answer :

Q5: Can we request song ?

Answer : Yes through our Website contact page or Facebook Page

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